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Music Mondays – Covers


To regularly update my blog, I decide to have a particular theme to post about weekly.

I love covers – I think they breathe new life to a song. And to be more specific, my favorite covers are those done by indie artists. (Acoustic covers, which are rampant in the airwaves here in the Philippines make my ears bleed. Seriously, you don’t have to make all pop songs acoustic.) Anyway, here are my top three recommended covers:

Hugo – 99 Problems

If you’re watching the voice and have seen the finale for this season, you might be familiar with the hillbilly version of Jay-Z’s hit done by Tony Lucca. I think Tony should have done another song (just like what he did to Spears’ “Baby One More Time”) instead of this. His version sounds a lot like Hugo, only not better (I really can’t say worse, in all fairness to him)

Owl Eyes – Pumped Up Kicks

The original version by Foster The People is already good. But I think Owl Eyes puts more quirkiness in the song. 😀

Starfucker – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Thanks to Steph for introducing me to Starfucker. I find it cute that they covered this song, an 80’s classic sang by a woman.

There are a couple more out there – F+TM’s “Halo”, Tokyo Police Club’s “Since You’ve Been Gone”, etc. If you want to mix up your playlist and don’t want to go full indie, I think covers would be a great way  to add something new to famous hits.