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2015 goals



I just realised I haven’t written anything down for 2014. Not even a recap of the year.

If there’s one word to describe 2014, it’s painful. Compared to the past years, it’s actually my most uneventful and one of the “worst” years. Not that nothing new happened. But it’s just that most of the things that remind me of the year are things that I’m not really fond of remembering.

So yes, 2015, please be a better one. And to kick off the year, let me write down some personal goals to help me be inspired.

  • Run another half-marathon.

I won’t even dream of training for a full one, with law school and all my other part-time jobs. So for this year, I hope I get back in shape by May for me to be able to run 21k again.

  • Lose 15 pounds

To say that 2014 has been an unhealthy year is an understatement. When school started, my caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine consumption has been at the highest. Haha. I must learn how to deal with stress in a healthier way. Hello, self, you are not getting any younger.

  • Go back to teaching

Not that I’ve ever stopped tutoring, but yes, manage to be in law school but at the same time keep a teaching stint at the university

  • Learn how to play a new instrument (Or relearn how to play the piano and the guitar)
  • Send more snail mails
  • Climb a mountain

Hopefully, this year’s Pulag plans push through

  • Learn how to write script in my exams

My sister told me this. Might as well write this down in my goals list. Haha.

  • Go some place I’ve never been to

Always, always part of every year’s plans

  • Do better in school. Study more, complain less.


And lastly…





2012 was so eventful – I went on a two-month vacation with my family, I graduated from my post-grad degree, and started teaching in DLSU – that I thought 2013 would go by quietly.

But now that I’m looking back on the year that will be gone in a few days’ time, I was surprised with how fun and blessed it was. There were a lot of firsts, and isn’t it always refreshing and exciting to experience something new for the first time?

So here are some of the moments of 2013! 🙂


The year summarized by my hairstyles


Singapore!!! MBS, Sentosa, USS, Meet-up with college friends. ❤



New ink!





Birthday 2013.


Birthday 2013! YEY for flowers!

Got to play dress up with close friends as part of entourage for two weddings. I’m really starting to feel my age.

Entourage for weddings!

Entourage for weddings!

Boracay with my blockmates/college kainuman/awesomest friends


Took on a new summer job. It was tiring teaching for 8 hours a day at least four times a week. But hey, I still love what I do, and even got to go to Tuguegarao for two days and explore Callao Cave for free!

Tuguegarao sidetrip for Ahead lecture.

Tuguegarao sidetrip for Ahead lecture.

And finally got to lose ~20 lbs! My blogger friend Heidee wrote about it. Also, thanks to my long-time friend/thesismate/trainer/coach Barnard for getting me into running!

Finally lost a decent amount of weight!

Finally lost a decent amount of weight


10K run with Caloy. Nike+ recorded 321 KM for 5 months. Not bad, right? And I think I have a relatively decent phase for a newbie.


Also got a new toy poodle this year!


This was also the year we lost our beloved lolo. May you rest in peace, Lolo Agong. I’m sure you’re now happily watching over us in heaven with Lola.


Overall, 2013 was awesome. At the beginning of each year, I always wish it to be my best year yet. Just last night, this quote from LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring struck me.

“All we have to do decide is what to do with the time given to us”

I guess it’s true. We may not know how much time we have, but we should always decide to live it to the fullest. Spend it with the people we love, and forever be grateful.

Happy New Year!!!




An unlikely career path.


Since today marks the last day of my first year of teaching, I think it deserves a post.

I never really saw myself being in this profession. I have had favorite teachers and professors, but I’ve never dreamed of being one when I was a student. And I guess it goes the same way to my family and friends.

I have always done good/excellent in school. I’ve always been competitive. So I guess it was natural for my parents to think that I would fit the corporate ladder. That I’d be hungry to be on top of a corporation or something. But eventually, I found out that more than being on top, my passion is to share my knowledge.

So how did all these start?

I remember my first “official” (aka paid hehehe) teaching stint was when I got a tutor post at Ahead back in college. I still laugh remembering how impatient and mataray I was back then. Did I already enjoy it during that time? I don’t think so. Haha. For me, it was more of just a means to make use of the free time I had.

It was during the last months of my almost-2 years stay in the corporate world that I felt to go back to the field of academe. After I resigned, I enrolled and took my Masteral in Engineering. Since all of my classes are at night, I got myself a part-time job at Tutoring Club. I think this is where my teaching skills – patience, interaction skills, etc – started to get developed.

Then a month before my graduation ceremony for my MS diploma, the same week I got back from vacation, I got an offer to teach in the university. And the rest is history.

Teaching is a very challenging job. Different situations require different approaches. When you’re teaching kids, you have to be as animated as you can. Children don’t get sarcasm. They also won’t want to be with you if you scare them. When you’re teaching in a review lecture, you can’t impose discipline as you would only meet them once in the whole stretch of their review. You would have to be able to sustain their attention the best way you can. But I think the most challenging is teaching in a university. As someone relatively young, you would have to find the right balance between being authoritative and approachable. You would have to have enough maturity to be able to decide the best way you can instill learning on your students, yet be “cool” enough to be someone they can relate to.

Just the other day, a former student of mine asked me “Miss, san kayo kumukuha ng patience to teach?” (“Miss, where do you get the patience to teach?”. To be honest, I didn’t know how to answer at first because I’m probably one of the most impatient and ill-tempered people I know. Haha. (And I guess same goes with my friends as most of them still don’t see me as a professor hahaha). But that’s also what I love about teaching, it constantly improves me. I may not be the most patient person now, but I think I am more in control of my composure and temper. I am more careful of my actions and words. And that I always think of how and what my students can get from their time with me above anything else.

I am very thankful that early in this life, I’ve already found my passion. And that despite not being rich, my family allowed me to pursue teaching even though it is not lucrative. Being able to work in a job that impacts and helps others directly is one of the best feelings in the world. (Like getting a text from a tutee saying she got perfect in her Calculus exam makes me really happy. Haha). I may not be the best professor/teacher in the world, but I will always strive to be a good one, or a professor/teacher that makes them become their better selves.