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2015 goals



I just realised I haven’t written anything down for 2014. Not even a recap of the year.

If there’s one word to describe 2014, it’s painful. Compared to the past years, it’s actually my most uneventful and one of the “worst” years. Not that nothing new happened. But it’s just that most of the things that remind me of the year are things that I’m not really fond of remembering.

So yes, 2015, please be a better one. And to kick off the year, let me write down some personal goals to help me be inspired.

  • Run another half-marathon.

I won’t even dream of training for a full one, with law school and all my other part-time jobs. So for this year, I hope I get back in shape by May for me to be able to run 21k again.

  • Lose 15 pounds

To say that 2014 has been an unhealthy year is an understatement. When school started, my caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine consumption has been at the highest. Haha. I must learn how to deal with stress in a healthier way. Hello, self, you are not getting any younger.

  • Go back to teaching

Not that I’ve ever stopped tutoring, but yes, manage to be in law school but at the same time keep a teaching stint at the university

  • Learn how to play a new instrument (Or relearn how to play the piano and the guitar)
  • Send more snail mails
  • Climb a mountain

Hopefully, this year’s Pulag plans push through

  • Learn how to write script in my exams

My sister told me this. Might as well write this down in my goals list. Haha.

  • Go some place I’ve never been to

Always, always part of every year’s plans

  • Do better in school. Study more, complain less.


And lastly…