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2012 was so eventful – I went on a two-month vacation with my family, I graduated from my post-grad degree, and started teaching in DLSU – that I thought 2013 would go by quietly.

But now that I’m looking back on the year that will be gone in a few days’ time, I was surprised with how fun and blessed it was. There were a lot of firsts, and isn’t it always refreshing and exciting to experience something new for the first time?

So here are some of the moments of 2013! 🙂


The year summarized by my hairstyles


Singapore!!! MBS, Sentosa, USS, Meet-up with college friends. ❤



New ink!





Birthday 2013.


Birthday 2013! YEY for flowers!

Got to play dress up with close friends as part of entourage for two weddings. I’m really starting to feel my age.

Entourage for weddings!

Entourage for weddings!

Boracay with my blockmates/college kainuman/awesomest friends


Took on a new summer job. It was tiring teaching for 8 hours a day at least four times a week. But hey, I still love what I do, and even got to go to Tuguegarao for two days and explore Callao Cave for free!

Tuguegarao sidetrip for Ahead lecture.

Tuguegarao sidetrip for Ahead lecture.

And finally got to lose ~20 lbs! My blogger friend Heidee wrote about it. Also, thanks to my long-time friend/thesismate/trainer/coach Barnard for getting me into running!

Finally lost a decent amount of weight!

Finally lost a decent amount of weight


10K run with Caloy. Nike+ recorded 321 KM for 5 months. Not bad, right? And I think I have a relatively decent phase for a newbie.


Also got a new toy poodle this year!


This was also the year we lost our beloved lolo. May you rest in peace, Lolo Agong. I’m sure you’re now happily watching over us in heaven with Lola.


Overall, 2013 was awesome. At the beginning of each year, I always wish it to be my best year yet. Just last night, this quote from LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring struck me.

“All we have to do decide is what to do with the time given to us”

I guess it’s true. We may not know how much time we have, but we should always decide to live it to the fullest. Spend it with the people we love, and forever be grateful.

Happy New Year!!!